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MATT RICHARDSON is an award winning multi-media producer.  He got his start in music production and film scoring, had his own recording label with Lakeshore Entertainment.  He collaborated with Trent Warren in creating the sound design for the song "You Don't Have to Go Home" on the Grammy-nominated album “Pure” by Boney James, then went on to expand his love for music production into film, music video, and documentary work.  Favorite past projects include "The Future of Fitness:  How Technology is Shaping the Human Body", which won Best Documentary in the London Independent Film Festival Awards, and the multi-award-winning music video “Love Me So Much” which took home honors from NYLA International Film Festival, La Femme International and more.  Matt was also nominated for Best Producer at the IndieX Film Festival for the short film, "Wholeheartedly", and is a graduate of UCLA Extension’s Producing Certificate Program.

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Love Me So Much - Persephone Godwin (Official Music Video)
Persephone Godwin

Love Me So Much - Persephone Godwin (Official Music Video)

Love Me So Much * BEST MUSIC VIDEO - 2019 NEW YORK LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL * HONORABLE MENTION: FANTASY FILM - 2019 LA FILM AWARDS * OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2019 LONELY SEAL INTERNATIONAL FILM, SCREENPLAY, AND MUSIC FESTIVAL * OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2019 LA FEMME INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL * OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2019 GREAT LAKES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL * RUNNER UP/BEST MUSIC VIDEO - 2019 OUT OF THE CAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL * BEST FEMALE SOLO ARTIST - 2020 CALIFORNIA MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS * BEST EDM/DANCE - 2020 CALIFORNIA MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS Written by: Persephone Godwin and Matt Richardson Produced and mixed by: Matt Richardson Vocals produced and engineered by: Steve Postell Music Video: Producer - Matt Richardson Producer - Persephone Godwin Director - Heidi Hornbacher Director of Photography - Kyle Reid Editor - Elijah Senn Digital Effects - Alberto Zavala Art Director/Story by Tracy Richardson Key Grip - Brad Carr Assistant Director/Grip/Swing - Douglas Larlham Assistant Camera/Gaff/Swing - Benjamin Rodriguez Hair/Makeup - Jill Guido Wardrobe Consultant/Tailor - Annaliese Barber Choreographer - Brian Fretté Filmed at LaGree Studios, Burbank, CA Space car and extra special thanks to Mike and Coni Stephenson Lyrics: I met you on the moon Watching the sun go down You fell into a pool With my heart in your hands You love me so much and you never miss my call I long for your touch and the way you break my fall Lovers on the breeze Lovers in wonderland We're high and we are free And I am safe in your arms You love me so much and you never miss my call I long for your touch and the way you break my fall copyright 2018 Matt Richardson/Persephone Godwin
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Persephone Godwin is a solo recording artist, songwriter, and lyricist residing in Los Angeles, California.  Her first album "I'll Be Ready In A Minute..." won a Jim Beam Emerging Artist grant propelling her to work on numerous projects, including lending harmonies to artists as diverse as Hal Ketchum, Willie Nelson, and Billy Sherwood (Yes).  Music videos that she starred and performed in include "So Mote It Be," for an original composition produced and co-written by Michael Spriggs, one of the premiere composers and session players in the world, and "Baby Hung the Moon," which was an Official Selection of the California Women's Film Festival. After meeting Matt Richardson, who was wearing his electronic producing hat at the time, they began a lifelong collaboration.  Together they created the award-winning music video for their single "Love Me So Much" which went on to numerous film festivals, taking home awards for Best Music Video, Best Female Solo Artist, and Best EDM/Dance.  Persephone is currently working on her BA in Music Studies at Berklee College of Music Online and has recently joined L.A. Prog rock band Days Between Stations.

Her latest single, Dream of Better Days (2021) and EP Love Spell (2020) are currently being played on Pandora Radio and are available through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other digital platforms.

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